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$9 Billion Jobs Program Fails The Poor —- in India

May 8, 2011

No matter where it’s tried, big government make work job programs always fail to bring the poor out of poverty.  This time it was India’s turn.

This is because people – and we are the “economy” – don’t value digging ditches and filling them back in.  Until someone offers something of value to others, he will not earn more money and climb out of poverty.


Petition to Redistribute GPA Scores

April 29, 2011

This video is awesome!

Somehow, if you work hard to earn money, well, it’s perfectly fine for the government to take that money from you and redistribute it to people who didn’t earn it.

But, my grades?  Oh, well, that’s different.  Those are my grades, I need my 4.0.  I earned….

Yeah, exactly, it’s the same thing!

Simple Economics (in a Cartoon)

April 19, 2011

Wizard of ID

Good cartoon.  The more government gives to people, the less the incentive there is to be self-sufficient.  Simple economics.  But of course, this is what Obama is after.  If you rely on government for everything, that government then controls you.  Just what liberals love.

From Dan Mitchell