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My Thoughts on the Bin Laden Killing

May 10, 2011
  • I have to give President Obama credit.  He could’ve done three things.  (1) Nothing because it was too risky politically.  We’ll call that the Bill Clinton choice.  (2) Bombed the hell out of the place, killing lots of other people and destroying any proof of death; aka the George Bush choice.  Or (3) gone in with special forces in a daring raid, also known as the “Jimmy Carter that went right” choice.  Obama, correctly, chose #3, despite the huge risks.  If something had gone wrong, and we had another Black Hawk Down event, with the economy in the tank, Obama’s presidency would’ve been over and Al Qaeda reinvigorated.  Took big guts for him to make that call.
  • On the Friday before the assault, during the UK Royal Wedding, I commented to my wife that I had heard nothing about terrorists threats or security measures, etc.  While I’m sure security was tight, I remarked how inconsequential Al Qaeda had become.  Amazing what another 72 hours meant.
  • A football analogy…it’s not game over yet with Al Qaeda, but it’s late in the 3rd quarter and we’re up 34-10.  Yeah, could they grab a few turnovers, run a kickoff back and get in the game.  But most of us are switching to another game.  We’ve won this war.
  • The Obama administration really messed up the messaging after the operation.  It’s ok to say you killed an unarmed terrorist mastermind and show us the pics.  We can handle it.
  • This bump will not last for Obama.  It’s a great success, but doesn’t fix the economy.  However, it does show that Obama is willing to make tough calls.  He can use that, tangentially, with fiscal matters.  The problem is, he doesn’t want to.  He likes the government the way it is (big).  He has political capital with no market to spend it in.