Katie Kieffer Interview with Jason Lewis

April 22, 2011

Jason Lewis is one of my heros.  I listen to his show via podcast religiously.  If you haven’t heard him, you should.  But be warned; start listening to Jason, and all other radio talk shows will become second class.

Good interview with Katie Kieffer (who is not ugly BTW).


This is Why California is Broke

April 22, 2011

Yes, these people can vote!

From Human Events: “Earth Day Idiots Exposed”.

The Government Now Picks Locations for Businesses

April 22, 2011

What the NLRB finds damning is their common account of Boeing’s business decision as a move to avoid future complications with uncooperative unions, which it undoubtedly was.  The IAM, now joined by their shills at the NLRB, somehow interpret this fact as evidence that Boeing is using blind discrimination rather than plain fiscal sense to determine its corporate policy.

If this NRLB action against Boeing doesn’t scare you, it should.  When the government starts to decide where companies can hire people, look out.  These companies will not acquiesce to the federal government’s demands.  They’ll just take these jobs to India, China, Mexico, etc.

The worst part is, you’ll hear about Boeing doing this – and after the media trashes them and politicians rail against Boeing moving jobs overseas you’ll hate Boeing.  But, what you won’t see is the hundreds of other companies that don’t want to even fight and quietly just start hiring overseas from the beginning.

When Did I Sign Up for this New “Social Compact”

April 22, 2011

President Barack Obama kicked off his “Shared Responsibility, Shared Prosperity” tour last week with a spirited defense of progressive principles — hereafter known as America’s “basic social compact.” Now, for those of you who believe we already have an American compact in the Constitution, your selfishness is undoubtedly clouding your feeble memory.

There are several good things in this post, but my favorite is the simple point about how the only true social compact in American is the Constitution.  How liberals miss this and come up with their own “social compacts” – which they then go about forcing us to adhere to with new laws – shocks me.  But, to a liberal, they don’t even see the intellectual inconsistency of this.  To them, makes perfect sense.


The Medicare Politburo

April 22, 2011

It sounds absurd, but there the President was last week, gravely conceding Mr. Ryan’s analysis of Medicare’s balance sheet and then claiming that the solution is to give a lot more political power to an unelected board to control health costs. Democrats believe this board will play doctor and actuary and allocate health resources better than markets, so allow us to fill in some of the details of this government-planned future.

The WSJ’s editorial early this week on Obama’s Politburo….err…”Independent Payment Advisory Board” is spot on.

Why do liberals think that a board of 15 smart people can somehow discern the healthcare needs of 100 million Americans living in a huge nation with an innumerable combination of needs, wants, and motivations?

When Obama gets Jesus to serve on this board then I’ll support it.  Till then, I’ll stick to free markets and individual responsibility to pick what is best.

Now Armed Drones in Libya? We Just Need a Gulf of Tonkin Incident Now…

April 21, 2011

First, it was a no-fly zone.

Yesterday it was materials and food.

Now it’s armed drones.

We just need a big incident and Obama will get his excuse for ground troops.  I give it two weeks, maybe three.

What a joke.

Breakdown of Federal Personal Income Taxes – Yes, the Rich do Pay Taxes

April 20, 2011

Breakdown of Federal Personal Income TaxesA great graph and analysis from the Mercatus Center on the breakdown of federal income tax payers.  And, what do you know, the top 25% pay 86% of the income taxes.  86%!!!  Is this enough of their “fair share”?

At some point, the government will just shift the entire tax burden to the top 25% (or worse) and then it’s end game.  The bottom 75% will never ever ever vote to change the tax code.  The productive 25% reduces working and risk taking and economy (and country) collapses.

But, hey, at least those politicians got reelected.

Duke lacrosse accuser charged with murder

April 19, 2011

Living in the Triangle Area of NC, I’m happy that this woman will finally get what she deserves.  A nice prison sentence.

Unfortunate someone had to die to make that a reality….terribly wrong.

Twitter Setup- @boringcitizen

April 19, 2011


Simple Economics (in a Cartoon)

April 19, 2011

Wizard of ID

Good cartoon.  The more government gives to people, the less the incentive there is to be self-sufficient.  Simple economics.  But of course, this is what Obama is after.  If you rely on government for everything, that government then controls you.  Just what liberals love.

From Dan Mitchell