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Twitter Setup- @boringcitizen

April 19, 2011!/boringcitizen


It’s a start….

April 18, 2011

I started the blog for a few main reasons:

  • I needed a place to store articles and links to things I read on the Internet.  I realize not a lot of people will read this blog.  That’s fine.  It’s really for me.  A spot to keep track of all the good stuff I find on the Internet.
  • I wanted it to be anonymous (more fun that way).
  • I care deeply about America, liberty, freedom, the rule of law, property rights, and capitalism.  Probably see a lot of posts about that here.
  • Also will drop a lot business, economics, and finance articles here.
  • Liberals and progressives make me sick…..or at least highly nauseous.
  • Probably drop some post on other stuff…whatever interests me.  Sports, golf, movies.

Most posts will be short.  A link to a webpage and a few comments from me.  Just enough to note my thoughts on an article.

Here we go….