The Really Smart Phone – Changing Our Understanding of Society

A very interesting – and possibly scary – WSJ article on how the massive amount of data created by mobile devices is being used by scientists to better understand how individuals make hundreds of decisions each day.

One of the failures of liberalism/socialism/etc was the belief that a group of really smart people in the government could figure out exactly what millions of people needed and then use government policy to deliver those needs.  This was always a fallacy since there is no way – except for God – for a smart person to know exactly what millions of people need and want.  It’s just impossible.  Thus, liberalism fails.

But, enter the smart phone.  It tracks your every move, knows things about you, knows who’s around you, and can prompt you for more information.  Take all that data and run it through massive computers and human society gets a little clearer.

Now, I’m not making a change in political philosophy because we are just scratching the surface here of understanding individuals much more.  Plus, even if someday we could know everything about an individual’s needs, we’d still need angels working for government to not abuse that information.  THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.  Humans are not angels.  We cannot trust government bureaucrats with that power.

But, this is an interesting – albeit a little scary – step into the future.



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