The Medicare Politburo

It sounds absurd, but there the President was last week, gravely conceding Mr. Ryan’s analysis of Medicare’s balance sheet and then claiming that the solution is to give a lot more political power to an unelected board to control health costs. Democrats believe this board will play doctor and actuary and allocate health resources better than markets, so allow us to fill in some of the details of this government-planned future.

The WSJ’s editorial early this week on Obama’s Politburo….err…”Independent Payment Advisory Board” is spot on.

Why do liberals think that a board of 15 smart people can somehow discern the healthcare needs of 100 million Americans living in a huge nation with an innumerable combination of needs, wants, and motivations?

When Obama gets Jesus to serve on this board then I’ll support it.  Till then, I’ll stick to free markets and individual responsibility to pick what is best.


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