The Government Now Picks Locations for Businesses

What the NLRB finds damning is their common account of Boeing’s business decision as a move to avoid future complications with uncooperative unions, which it undoubtedly was.  The IAM, now joined by their shills at the NLRB, somehow interpret this fact as evidence that Boeing is using blind discrimination rather than plain fiscal sense to determine its corporate policy.

If this NRLB action against Boeing doesn’t scare you, it should.  When the government starts to decide where companies can hire people, look out.  These companies will not acquiesce to the federal government’s demands.  They’ll just take these jobs to India, China, Mexico, etc.

The worst part is, you’ll hear about Boeing doing this – and after the media trashes them and politicians rail against Boeing moving jobs overseas you’ll hate Boeing.  But, what you won’t see is the hundreds of other companies that don’t want to even fight and quietly just start hiring overseas from the beginning.


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